Infinite Child Teacher Training 

with Lee and David Degani 

Three Day  Online Workshop

Are you being called to work with children  to enable them to awaken to their full potential?  



Does the thought of teaching children or yourself to see and read with your Inner Light Vision excite you?  

If you are reading this, it is not an accident!

Of course you are excited and saying YES!


  • YES to beginning an amazing journey into the realm of consciousness, thought and energies! 


  • YES to enabling children, their families and You to experience healing, transformation and shifts!


  • YES to helping children and You more deeply connect to your Infinite Selves where  possibilities are unlimited!


  • YES to partnering with the spiritual realms with this amazing modality! 

In this three day workshop, Lee and her husband David will teach you the beginning methods and spiritual techniques to enable children and You to awaken a part of the brain that has been dormant to see and read with your third eye, your Inner Light Vision.


Whether you want to work with your own child, other people's children or apply the techniques to yourself, you will learn how to assist children and You to utilize your Inner Light Vision, letting it develop into your  Infinite Light Vision! 


Each class includes Channeled Guidance, Energy Downloads and Transmission​s 

  • Session 1

    Receive energy downloads and attunements to enable you to more easily activate the children's and your ILV, Infinite Light Vision. 


  • Sessions 2 & 3

    Learn the beginning methods and techniques to awaken the children's and your own Infinite Light Vision


  • Sessions 4 & 5

    Further integrate the teaching methods and begin practicing.    


Recorded Sessions contain the same energetic downloads as the live workshop   

Meet Lee Degani

Founder, Connection to Healing

Home of the Infinite Child Institute

Teacher, Spiritual Counselor,

Energy Healer

Learn how I can help you, 

Your child and your family



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Connection to Healing with Lee Degani

We are All Infinite Beings with Unlimited Possibilities! 


 The Infinite Child Institute provides classes appropriate for all cultures and religions under the auspices of "Connection to Healing" sponsored by Shirat Shalom. It cannot be guaranteed that seeing and reading blindfolded will occur within a certain number of sessions. Each student learns and progresses differently. The Infinite Child Institute methods and classes are not intended to represent that they are used to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any medical problem or psychological disorder nor are they intended as substitutes for seeking professional health care advice.